LEVEL UP organization was founded in 2019, on the initiative of young people who, through social projects, want to improve the quality of life of the local community, build a new model of informal education, and support young people to become socially and professionally active. We are a non-profit organization whose mission is to infect people with good energy every day and encourage social initiatives in their surroundings.

We focus on constant development and unusual methods of work. We believe that through cooperation and trust we can change many fates and make us wake up one day in a better world where no one feels excluded.

We organize various educational events such as: conferences, workshops, seminars, foreign exchanges and training, study visits.

Volunteer and trainee zone

Interested in volunteering? Gain experience and new socio-professional competencies by implementing interesting projects together with us!

Informal group zone

Do you belong to an informal group? Do you lack resources for social activities in your area? Apply to LEVEL UP for substantive and technical support!

NGO zone

Are you looking for a partner with whom to create and implement a social project, or perhaps you would like to become a partner in our project? Let us know!

Educator zone

Are you doing interesting projects, working with youth, or maybe you would like to collaborate with us and lead a workshop?

Business zone

Are you interested in developing employee volunteering? Or would you like to expand your CSR activities? Let’s talk about it…

School zone

Would you like to go beyond formal education and are looking to expand educational opportunities for your students? Apply – we love working with schools!

We work with more than 60 organizations from 22 countries. Among them are organizations implementing cultural and social projects, mainly bringing together people like us: young and believing that positive changes in the world depend on ourselves. In the social sector, it’s cooperation, not competition, that counts, so each partnership means the development of both organizations and raising the quality of activities both locally and internationally.


Would you like to become our partner and build an interesting community project?

LEVEL UP Association

Status: non-governmental organisation


7 Radomska st. building. 2; 93-130

Łódź, Poland

Correspondence address:

25 Gdańska st. apt. 34

90-706 Łódź, Poland

Tax number: 982038247
Business code: 384520590
Registration number: 0000806921


+48 600 549 602

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