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Generational wings: together towards development

As part of the project, there will be held two series of intergenerational development workshops (8 meetings per each series), which participants will include mainly adolescents and seniors. The objective of the workshops is enhancing the feeling of self-agency as well as identifying and boosting participants’ resources and competences. With the support of a professional trainer, the workshops will enable participants’ personal development, which will result, among other things, from the exchange of perspectives and experiences, as well as from the support and constructive feedback provided by other participants (especially those from other generations). The workshops will take place in the Centre of Intergenerational Activity “Nowolipie” in Warsaw.

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Project duration

2024.02.01 – 2025.01.31

During the workshops participants will have a chance to take part in various tasks and exercises in andragogy, coaching, career counseling and personal development. These activities will be tailored to the needs and capabilities of both generational groups. In particular, the participants will be able to:

  • improve their competences through identifying their strengths, resources and abilities
  • specify their life and career goals
  • strengthen their self-esteem
  • develop the ability to influence their lives
  • foster a sense of purpose and relevance in society


In order to disseminate the project, we will create and publish a summary report of both series. It will include participants’ comments and good practices which may be used in other intergenerational initiatives. We will share this report with social institutions from Warsaw that deal with intergenerational issues.

The activities to be undertaken in the project:

  • two series of development workshops, 8 meetings per each series
  • introductory and wrap-up meetings in each series
  • creating a report of good practices and its distribution to institutions outside of the project

    What we do during the project:

      • We enable intergenerational integration between young people and senior citizens
      • We create a safe space for representatives of different generations to grow together
      • We enable participants to set life and career goals, and find the motivation to achieve them
      • We create conditions for improving soft skills
      • We enable participants to break down intergenerational barriers and broaden their own perspective in a safe atmosphere, under the guidance of a specialist
      • We increase mutual understanding of each other’s attitudes, behaviours and values
      • We reduce stereotyping


    Organisations involved in the project:

    Logo Level Up

    LEVEL UP Association

    Project realisation

    Lodz, Poland

    Logo liścia na zielonym tle z brązowym napisem obok

    Centre of Intergenerational Activity "Nowolipie"

    Supporting partner

    Warsaw, Poland

    Niebieski okrągły napis oraz znicz w środku

    Faculty of Pedagogy of the University of Warsaw


    Warsaw, Poland

    Logo Europejskiego Korpusu Solidarności

    The project is realised by the European Solidarity Corps with European Union funds.