Marika Prucnal

Marika Prucnal

Coordinator of local and international partnerships

I am strongly motivated and always puts 100% of herself into every task that she is undertaking. I love to learn new things and meet people and try my best to be calm and optimistic in every situation :)
I graduated in Computer Science at the Kielce University of Technology and now I study Human Resources Management at Jagiellonian University. I am passionate about animals (especially dogs, rats and horses), travelling and NGOs. In my free time I read books, spend time in nature and volunteer. I associate my future with HR, training conducting and project management.
I joined the Level Up team because I used to work in NGOs for the last 6 years (as a volunteer and as a full time employee) and it's an important part of my life. Now, I want to contribute to the organization and develop myself as a project coordinator and a trainer.