Kinga Maziarz
Language Polish, English
Specialty Management of social media channels
Gender Female

Kinga Maziarz

Tik Tok Creators Coordinator

My name is Kinga and I am 17 years old. I have been active in Level Up for a year now, and I joined the organization after a youth exchange in Lithuania. I am a person constantly searching and discovering myself, I am interested in psychology and like to philosophize. I derive joy from traveling and meeting new people, which is why I am in love with international exchanges, after which I always come back as a newborn, inspired person <3 I like music, it accompanies me every moment of my day, and my taste in music varies from indie rock and pop to hip hop and rap-although I still listen to everything that comes to my ears. I am of the opinion that everything should be tried at least once in life, so I try to grab every opportunity for adventure or development. I love animals :D