Grupa ludzi na szkoleniu, siedząca na podłodze

I fondly recall my time spent in Portugal...

It was a great occasion to visit Porto and get to know local culture and cuisine (we ate the same soup twice a day for 5 days!). I gained knowledge useful for working at LEVEL UP and met lots of interesting, friendly people. I’m grateful that LEVEL UP provides an opportunity to develop, expand knowledge and learn about world!

I always eagerly recommend Erasmus+ trips. It’s a beneficial opportunity for everyone.

Anastasiia, Portugalia, seminar – The rise in cRISEs

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I have very positive memories of the whole project…

Thanks to my participation in “The rise in cRISEs” project, I have learnt new ways of dealing with crisis situations. I also found out the practices worth adopting in order to take care of mental health. The most valuable subject we raised was for me easy and accessible stress reducing methods. We talked about it a lot during the project (e.g. listening to relaxing music, proper breathing, sport, yoga etc.). The project enabled me to get to know new cultures, make friends and connect with people from Portugal, Greece, Serbia, Armenia, Italy and, of course, Poland. I appreciate the organisers. I liked their calm approach to managing the project and allowing participants to organise their own time. Understanding participants speaking English caused the most trouble for me. Each of us is different and, as a result, we have varying accents. This fact sometimes generated difficulties in understanding other participants.

I’m grateful for taking part in this project because its theme is vital for everyone. People, location and organisation made me feel healthy (literally). I’m also grateful for trying yoga for the first time.

The most funny and at the same time positive memory will remain the fact that the word cringe, often repeated by me, was liked by others and became part of the daily vocabulary of the project.

LEVEL UP’s support (contact with Anastasiia Saltasiuk) was perfect. Anastasia, with whom I was in contact, answered all questions very quickly with kindness.

Thank you! 🙂 

I highly recommend participating in ERASMUS+ projects. It’s a must have and a must see for all young people.

Bartosz, Portugalia, seminar – The rise in cRISEs

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