Grupowe zdjęcie uczestników.

I’m impressed by the interesting workshops and discussions, which were held in a cultural and open manner.

The international group of participants taught me about the differences regarding reproductive rights, expression of emotions, catcalling on the streets, or the issue of representativeness and inclusiveness, which was a very valuable experience. Surely, I will use activities that we created and tested on ourselves.

I already miss the croissants with cream that I had eaten for breakfast everyday. 

One of the unplanned stories was deciding to hitchhike as there hadn’t been enough train tickets to a city nearby that we had wanted to visit. This is how we ended up driving 3 cars. With a gentleman who didn’t speak English. With a boy who spoke English and lived around. And the couple from London who gave us a ride to the beach itself as they came to their Sicilian house for vacation. This is how we saved 11 euro. Thanks to this event, we met wonderful people and the value of selflessness. 

This was my first trip to Sicily and I’m incredibly thankful for experiencing swimming in big waves under the moonlight there. 

Erasmus+ trips are a great opportunity to develop your interests through practice during the workshops and thematic meetings of a particular trip. This is also an opportunity to practice English and make friends with people from all over Europe who you can visit later.

Karolina 25 years old, Training in Palermo – Safe space

Szczęśliwa uczestniczka przy doku.

On the trip I met many incredible and open-minded people with whom I could exchange live experiences related to the topic of the project.

I’ve just come back home, and I already miss Italian cuisine. It’s finger-licking good.
Before the trip, the organisation LEVEL UP had organised a meeting for us during which they answered all our questions and dispelled our doubts. Thus preparing us well for the trip itself.

I would certainly encourage you to take part in similar international trips, as it is the best opportunity to see a piece of the world, meet new cultures and wonderful people you won’t forget quickly.

Maja 19 years old, Training in Palermo – Safe space 

Angielska czerwona budka telefoniczna.