Grupa ludzi na szkoleniu, siedząca na podłodze

I was impressed by the organizers who were always very friendly and helpful…

The trip to Turkey was my second exchange. During the project I improved my English skills and I learned how to work better in a group. The activities were interesting, consisted of something different every day and helped people to integrate with the rest of the participants. During this exchange I also met many wonderful people from different countries with whom I still keep in touch. During the exchange we had some free time when we could visit nearby restaurants, explore the area and as a result get to know the other participants much better.

The exchange took place in the beautiful city of Kemer which had the sea on one side and picturesque mountains on the other. I also have very good memories of local residents of this town who were very open. I was impressed by the organisers who were always very friendly and helpful. As for the Turkish cuisine, it was very interesting and differed from others.

I really enjoyed this project, I am glad I could participate in it and meet so many interesting people. There were so many funny situations during the exchange that it is hard for me to pick just one.

I think we had a great time.

I recommend such trips to everyone. This project is not only an opportunity to expand your knowledge on a certain topic or to improve your language skills but also a chance to make cool memories and meet great people.

Piotr, 18 years old, youth exchange – “Youth, shout aloud – we can save the breathe”

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The local people were very helpful and friendly…

I have very good memories about the exchange in Turkey in which I participated. It was a special time for me, which I spent with lovely people and during which I had the opportunity to improve my skills. Thanks to the project I have improved my English level, increased my knowledge about ecology and non-formal education. The activities were very interesting and required a lot of engagement from the participants, that’s why I learned so much.

The organisers of the exchange turned out to be very friendly and open people who made this project even more successful. What’s more, I met many people from different countries and I had an amazing time with them. The exchange took place in Kemer which amazed me with its beautiful landscape and unique atmosphere. The city is situated both by the sea and in the mountains, which has added to its uniqueness. I was also surprised with how friendly and helpful the local people were. I will remember for a very long time a lot of wonderful and funny moments which happened during the exchange. Some of my favourite activities were the outdoor game in Kemer and the trip to Antalya.

BI am very glad and thankful that I could take part in this exchange. I experienced amazing moments in Turkey, met wonderful people and gained new skills. I also love the way LEVEL UP was helpful and supportive towards the exchange participants.

I wholeheartedly recommend international exchanges and would like to take part in more such trips in the future. They helped me open up to the world and other people, overcome the language barrier, meet people from all over the world and learn about new cultures. International exchanges are a perfect opportunity to develop your skills and make wonderful memories.

Julia, 18 years old, youth exchange – “Youth, shout aloud – we can save the breathe”

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I can’t wait to get another chance to go for an exchange again…

What a fantastic experience! A wonderful time spent learning about ecology and air pollution as well as on getting to know the cultures of the participating countries. Before each workshop I got to know many new and interesting energisers! The sessions were conducted in a very interesting way which allowed us to delve into the theme of the trip. I met many wonderful people with whom I will for sure keep in touch for a long time. Everyone was involved in the activities which made working in groups very enjoyable and smooth. Even if someone was not feeling confident enough in English they tried to communicate in any other possible way, which is much appreciated. Interestingly – two participants had their birthdays during the project so we got the opportunity to celebrate with them. So at the end of the whole trip, the organisers surprised them with birthday cakes. Nobody expected it and it was the first time I had encountered something like this. It was a wonderful gesture on the part of organisers, which I very much applaud.

Of course I would like to praise and appreciate our organisation, LEVEL UP, whose support was felt throughout the whole trip. They prepared us perfectly, they were always there for us and offered their help all the time. I can’t wait until the next time I get the opportunity to go on an exchange.

Dominika, 18 years old, youth exchange – “Youth, shout aloud – we can save the breathe”

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The biggest surprise for me was the Turkish people’s attitude…

The exchange in Turkey, which I had the opportunity to take part in, was an amazing experience. It helped me to broaden horizons both in cultural and linguistic context. Meeting so many people from different countries in one place helps to notice the differences between nationalities. People become living examples of the cultures described in books we read. The biggest surprise for me was the Turkish people’s attitude as they were talking about their country with great pride, highlighting their nationality. The pride of being Turkish could be noticed in Kemer – the town where the exchange took place. On every corner you can spot the Turkish flag or the famous ‘nazar boncuğu’, i.e. the Eye of the Prophet.

This trip helped me develop my language skills, I started feeling more confident talking in English which at first was for me a barrier hard to overcome. Thanks to the amazing people I had the chance to meet there I learned a few phrases in Turkish and Serbian. I am very happy that I have met a group of open-minded and friendly people who were actively taking part in workshops but at the same time they were amazing companions for conversation and fun.

During the activities I could expand my knowledge of ecology. The classes I took were really useful and practical, they presented the topic of Earth pollution in detail and taught us practical ways to deal with this problem.

I am extremely grateful that I could take part in this project, it is where I spent some of the best moments in my life. I met people who brought a lot of value into my life and opened my eyes to some aspects and problems I hadn’t thought about before.

I am also grateful to the LEVEL UP team, who showed support when needed, answered every question, and made the whole project preparation run smoothly.

I highly recommend such international trips. In my opinion this is one of the best ways of self-development, getting to know yourself, as well as great people who can become true friends.

Paulina, 18 years old, youth exchange – “Youth, shout aloud – we can save the breathe”

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The biggest barrier was my low confidence in speaking English…

This project taught me a lot about ecology and Turkish culture. I learned a lot of Serbian and Swedish phrases. I met many great, friendly people during the exchange. The biggest surprise for me was how beautifully located the town was. Thanks to the location we were close to the sea and to the mountains. The local cuisine did not match my preferences, it was bland and lacking flavour, although there were some exceptions. Still, I won’t forget the daily portion of fries for breakfast.

The biggest barrier for me was my lack of confidence in speaking English over the first few days, I did not know how to speak or what to say etc. But I managed to overcome that quickly. A lot of funny situations happened during the exchange. I will never forget two friends from Serbia who were very funny and always made me laugh. Such international exchange is an incredible experience. If I had the chance to experience this once again, I would not hesitate even for a second.

Szymon, 18 years old, youth exchange – “Youth, shout aloud – we can save the breathe”

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I don’t have good memories when it comes to this region’s cuisine but maybe that is just a matter of preference…

The exchange in Turkey was a great experience for me and it helped me expand my knowledge of ecology and environmental issues and get to know the ways to avoid the mistakes we make today. However, apart from the formal knowledge, I learned new English vocabulary regarding recycling. Our stay in Turkey was also an opportunity for me to try again my best with the Turkish language because I got a taste of it before and I really enjoyed it 🙂 !

It was my first time in Turkey and what surprised me was how kind the people there are and that you can meet cats and dogs on the streets. I was also surprised by the Turkish flags raised everywhere which is not what we see often in Poland. To be honest I don’t have good memories when it comes to the cuisine typical to this region, the dishes are very greasy but it is just a matter of personal taste :). Yoghurt soup? I think I will remember this forever

The biggest challenge during the exchange was the realization that I may not know the subject well enough. But I soon realised that it was exactly the purpose of the time spent there – to boost my knowledge.

I am incredibly grateful for having the chance to take part in the exchange, through which I met many lovely people with whom I am still keeping in touch. I’d also like to thank the people at LEVEL UP for their support before and during the project.

I highly recommend such trips as they are a perfect opportunity to get to know yourself and learn new things.

Alicja, 20 years old, youth exchange – “Youth, shout aloud – we can save the breathe”

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