This trip initiated a series of changes in my life…

A trip to Hungary was my first international project. I decided to see what such projects look like, despite being very nervous about taking part in one. However, I don’t regret my decision because it initiated a series of positive changes in my life. The project was dedicated to traditional games. We spent a couple of days outside, playing these games and wondering how to modernise them so they could appear more engaging again. The most memorable game was when we ran off into the woods to escape from the other team. I had a lot of fun hiding and running through the forest. Playing with each other brings people together. I met many great people from Spain, Hungary and Turkey and also got to know our Polish team better. People on foreign exchanges are fantastic, full of positive energy and interesting. We didn’t live in the capital city and because of that we could find out what life is like for Hungarians outside the city – it seemed to be very peaceful. The most surprising thing was that telephone booths are still popular in Hungary. Additionally, they are working – after picking up the handset, it was possible to hear a signal. I remember these telephone booths from my childhood. We also had the opportunity to try Hungarian salami and traditional desserts. Before flying home, we managed to visit the Parliament and the museum commemorating the Hungarian Revolution in 1956 against communism. I stayed in Hungary one more day after the project ended so I could visit the Royal Castle in Budapest, take a ride on the historic metro and eat traditional langosz. While exploring Budapest, I was a bit shocked that I couldn’t communicate in English with everyone, but we got along surprisingly well in sign language. 

The trip to Hungary holds a special place in my heart since it was my first one and also initiated a series of changes in my life. These changes have put me in a better place. I recommend trips to everyone who wants to slow down and take a look at their life from a different perspective.

Anastazja, 30 years old, „Reinventing sport traditions (ReSport)” training 

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