Grupa ludzi uczestnicząca w projekcie w Szwecji

March as a parable of human life…

I’m extremely grateful I was able to go on an experiential learning training course on behalf of the LEVEL UP Association. It was an amazing experience for me. The project was in the form of a pilgrimage, meaning we walked 80 km in 3 days. I see the Cammino Materano crossing as a parable of human life. Since this project coincided with the changes happening in my professional life, I decided that if I managed to travel the indicated road, I’d also be able to achieve my dreams on my return to Poland. I believe it will be so.
The pilgrimage aimed to show us the daily challenges of people with fewer opportunities. During the crossing, we encountered numerous obstacles/tasks, which alluded to the situation of refugees, people with disabilities, and other marginalised groups. I really liked that representatives from each invited organisation could carry out their own exercise for the others. It allowed the organisations to share their experiences and knowledge. As LEVEL UP, we prepared a session concluding the project – “The March of Gratitude.” Our session was greatly appreciated by the co-participants.
Which session did I enjoy the most? From my perspective, the most interesting session was the one that considered refugees. Our task was to cross a rope suspended at a suitable height within a certain time. The rope symbolised the border: staying on the side we were on risked danger. I loved the involvement of the male part of our participants, who, like brave knights, moved us – women – to the other side in the first place. 🙂
The training gave us the opportunity to meet interesting people from all over the world. I was amazed that we met people who spoke Polish like us, e.g. Zvonko from Macedonia. I’m already looking forward to the next exchange!
Is it worthwhile to go on exchanges and training as a part of Erasmus+ programmes? The answer is pretty obvious – YES. Such projects completely change one’s perception and approach to life. I guarantee that after each project we come back as entirely different people.

Kamila, 26 years old, training – Experience(d) Youth Work