Strategic reinforcement

The main goals of the project: To support organizations operating in the third sector. The project will involve 12 non-governmental organizations, whose internal processes will be improved thanks to working with experts. Are you a third-sector organization and need help in identifying your bottlenecks? Contact us!

Project duration:

01.04.2021 – 30.04.2023

Each organisation participating in the project will be provided with:

· Diagnosis report · Workshops preparing for changes – 2h · Job shadowing – 8h · Management consultations – 10h · Individual interviews with the Management Board – 5h · Strategic consulting – 12h · Development coaching – from 2 to 5 sessions for 2-3 people from the organization · Creation of a development plan · Process mapping

During the process, we analyze with organizations whether the introduced changes bring the desired effects for them and, if necessary, introduce corrective measures. There is an additional possibility to benefit from:

· Strategic consulting as part of corrective actions – 4h · Consultation as part of corrective actions – 5h

The changes that the project will bring:

– we open up the opportunity for NGOs from all over Poland to make improvements or transform their organisation based on an individual and holistic approach to the organisation and its challenges. The final solution will be based on best practices and will be tailor-made for your organisation; – we work with both management and colleagues to get to know the organisation, its structure, needs and goals – mapping the organisation’s processes, identifying bottlenecks and creating development plans; – our specialists involved in the project maintain an individual approach to the organisation, all development plans are tailored directly to the needs of the organisation identified as a result of the analysis, in order to make sure that the solution will be long-lasting and effective; – we rely on experienced multi-disciplinary experts and practitioners to identify all bottlenecks in the organisation; -we help organisations adapt to working remotely as part of a distributed team, thereby teaching self-discipline and self-management in time and task management, while at the same time trusting the employees and move away from the perception of “having control” as the only possible approach toward colleagues.

If you are:

1) a young non-governmental organization – which was entered into the National Court Register or the relevant register not earlier than 60 months before the start of participation in the project, and your annual income for the previous completed financial year does not exceed PLN 30,000; or 2) a non-governmental organization whose annual income for the previous completed financial year exceeded PLN 30,000, and your period of existence is no longer than 24 months from the date of entry into the National Court Register or the relevant register, and you want to improve the operation of your organization – contact us! We will check what can be improved in your organization so that you can achieve your goals better and faster! Write to:

Do not wait, we only have 4 vacancies until the end of October 2021!

What is the enrollment procedure? 1. Write an email to 2. Take part in telephone consultations and tell us what your needs are 3. Fill in the form and tell us why we should choose your organization! 4. Wait until we work out if we can meet your expectations! 5. Start the improvement process – remember, the sky is the limit!
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The public task is financed from the funds of the Civic Initiatives Fund NOWEFIO for the years 2021-2030.