A proof for the moral maturity of our society is a way in which we treat people who we find the weakest and also those who, for any reason, are on the verge of social life. Each society consists of an incredibly diverse range of people. Each of us have different traits, skills and limitations. Importantly, some of our qualities might not be visible for others. Often it is not possible to discover the best of a person without a closer encounter with him or her and without giving yourself a chance to get to know them and understand them. Too often, many people with disabilities are judged simply by their daily struggles. 


A certain disability, which may be manifested by movement disorders, intellectual deficits, or or limitations in the functioning of various senses, determines the way we are perceived by the rest of society. We consider this behaviour very inappropriate and harmful for both groups. For people with disabilities, it is a form of discrimination, which prevents them from the full development and participation in social affairs of their country. Nevertheless, this situation harms able-bodied people who refrain from getting to know other people and create valuable relationships.

Reference number

2020-3-PL01 ESC31-094523

Project duration

1.04.2022 – 30.06.2022

Actions to be taken in the project:

  • Workshops about the basics of sign language and a meeting with a sign language interpreter and a person with a disability
  • Dinner in dark combined with a meeting with a blind person
  • A movie screening with audio description
  • A meeting with employees of organizations dealing with the support of people with autism
  • Mouth drawing workshops and meetings with a disabled person
  • Meeting wheelchair basketball members and organizing physical activities
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Project implemented from the European Solidarity Corps with European Union funds.