We are developing! As part of the project “Start 2.0.” LEVEL UP received a package for the development of economic activities that will serve to strengthen the financial stability of the organization, and will also help in the development of new ways of social activities.

Project duration:

1.03.2021 – 31.12.2021

As part of the project, we take part in:

  • development coaching, where we work on building a business model for 10 months;
  • support of specialist advisors (legal and accounting consultancy);
  • incubator – where we have the opportunity to test our services, build a promotional offer and strengthen employment potential;
  • financial micro-support for further development in the amount of PLN 3500, which we allocate, among others for team training or purchase of equipment;
  • 8 trainings and webinars that build our knowledge, among others in the field of promotion, GDPR, project management;
  • networking meetings with other organizations or informal groups

The program is implemented by the Center for Promotion and Development of Civic Initiatives OPUS as part of the project “Social Economy Support Center 2021-2023”.