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The aim of the project is to equip youth workers with the knowledge, skills and tools to challenge gender-based violence in local towns and across the EU. The project enhances their capacity to improve inclusive gender representation in society and public spaces, strengthening their educational capacity to dismantle internalised space and external stereotypes and prejudices. The project is implemented through non-formal education. There will be 3 representatives from Poland.

Reference number of the project:


Duration of the project:


Actions to be taken in the project:

  • presentations and workshops on gender equality
  • development workshops (simulation activities, critical debate, practical activities, inventions, sharing stories)
  • meetings with gender experts
  • intercultural evenings

What do we do during the project:

  • We share our experiences on gender equality
  • We learn more about gender equality, its stereotypes and the extent
  • We learn how young people’s knowledge on gender equality varies from country to country
  • We share the knowledge and skills we’d gained with young people in our local communities through dissemination events
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Project partner, Greece

Enterprising Partners

Enterprising Partners 

Project partner, Lithuania

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Project leader, Italy

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Youth Mundus 

Project partner, Italy


Youth Progress s.z 

Project partner, Czech Republic

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MTÜ Euroopas 

Project partner, Estonia

Source of funding: The project is funded by the European Commission under the Erasmus+ programme.

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