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Our EU 2024-V4 in Action

On the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the accession of the Visegrad Group Countries to the European Union, the project aims to draw the attention of young people to the great impact this event had on the lives of millions of people. The main intention of this project is to provide young people with knowledge and enable them to acquire practical abilities not only in terms of critical thinking, creative communication and eradication of propaganda, but also learning about good practices in the field of initiating social activities. By creating the programme, we want to increase awareness of new media, diversity and openness to other cultures. Through participation in project activities, participants will acquire key competences allowing for better functioning and understanding of the modern world.

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Duration of the project


Actions that will be undertaken in the project:

  • e-learning course divided into 4 thematic categories: using new media, recognising populism and fake news, marketing and online campaigns and social activities in practice
  • 12-day mobility around the Visegrad Group countries combined with conferences aimed at introducing local operation methods
  • online challenges for participants in the field of increasing internet awareness
  • interviews with participants 
  • creating of a good practice guide
  • online campaign concerning safe internet practices

    What do we do during the project:

      •  increase young people’s awareness in terms of the impact and opportunities resulting from the European Union and Visegrad Group membership
      • develop soft skills such as: critical thinking, facts distinguishing, responsibility for one’s actions, safe communication, openness to others and new cultures
      •  create a set of good practices in terms of young people’s activity in local communities
      • cooperate in an international environment in the joint creation of conferences
      • broaden horizons and learn to look critically from many perspectives through an informal education
      • detect threats arising from false internet messages, learn to spot and verify a false information in practice


    Organisations involved in the project:


    Youth Bridges Budapest

    Project Leader,


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    OTI Slovakia



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    Brno for you


    Czech Republic

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    LEVEL UP Association



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    Source of funding:

    Visegrad Fund