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JOBpetencies – Youth(workers)’s competencies in the labour market

The main goal of the project is increasing skill level of 24 youth workers from 8 different countries in the field of the youth’s professional activity. 


The participants will be able to develop their soft skills, create a resume, prepare for a job interview, learn about different career paths, where to look for opportunities, and use this knowledge in their work with the youth. Na szczególną

The selection of partners also deserves special mention. The project will involve participants from countries with the highest unemployment rate (Georgia, Spain, Italy, Lithuania) and with the lowest (Czech Republic, Poland, Germany, the Netherlands). It will enable an exchange of experiences and various points of views on the project’s theme.

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Project duration

31.12.2022 – 31.04.2024

Actions that will be taken in the project:

  •  Improving youth workers’ knowledge about the latest trends and the best practices in youth professional activation.
  •  Improving skills in planning and conducting activities for youth professional activation among the youth workers.
  •  Increasing the number of actions taken for youth professional activation – the participants will be more involved in the discussed activities.


    What we do during the project:

    • Training course in Poland — The training lasts 7 working days and it is divided into different subjects. The first day is about meeting each other and building relations. The second day is for learning about Erasmus+ and non-formal education. The third day is dedicated to challenges in organisations and digital tools. The third day will focus on project management and possibilities of workshop. The fifth day is about overcoming the barriers and stepping out of the comfort zone. During the sixth day, the participants will get to know the labour market better and how to prepare for a job search. The last day is called “Next steps” and we will cover reflections, certificates and final evaluation.
    • Actions between mobilities — After the first mobility, the participants will conduct a workshop for other youth workers, sharing their knowledge from the training, and will develop a plan for the professional activation of young people in their local environment.
    • Training course in Spain The training lasts 7 working days plus 2 days for travel. Every day is dedicated to a different subject. The first day is about meeting each other and building a team. A cultural workshop takes place in the evening. The second day focuses on learning effective communication and solving conflicts. The third day is dedicated to improving plans for the professional activation of the youth. It also includes an evening workshop. The fourth day covers preparing for a visit at schools and evening workshops.  The fifth day includes the school visit and workshops. The sixth day focuses on building relations with other people and organisations. The seventh day is time for reflection on project experiences, awarding Youthpass certificates and discussing dissemination activities. In the evening, there is a farewell dinner and free time.
    • Dissemination activities — after the second mobility, the participants will implement the plan for professional activation of the youth over the next 6 months. Coaches will be available for them during this period, offering individual or group consultations. However, goals and indicators connected to the plan (e.g. the number of people continuing education or finding a job) will be individual and dependent on the needs and possibilities of the training’s participants because it’s them who will develop the plan.


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    The project is co-financed and implemented by the European Union
    under the Erasmus+ program.