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The project focuses on environmental activism and methods of its use in the educational practice of youth workers. The project’s idea is to systematise some activities to promote the so-called ‘green skills’ and test them with each other so that trainees can bring them back into their own educational context. The project aims to equip youth workers with knowledge, skills and tools to integrate climate activism and raise awareness among young people in their local communities and across the EU. Activities will be carried out through informal education. 3 educators from Poland will take part in the project.

Project reference number:


Project duration:

01.10.2023 – 10.10.2023

Activities to be carried out in the project:

The project will include an international training during which will take place:

  • debates and discussion on global warming, the European green strategy, environmental activism in various countries
  • group work on soft skills
  • team-building classes
  • exchange of good experiences between organisations
  • inter-cultural evenings

What we do during the project:

  • we incorporate interesting practices concerning environmental activism into youth work
  • we share our experiences with foreign educators
  • we learn about other organisations’ activities regarding ecology
  • we learn environmental activism in practice
  • we promote the lifelong learning model and support educators in their development 
  • we acquire the so-called ‘green skills’ which we will use in our work with youth

The following organisations are involved in the project:

Maghweb - lider projektu, Palermo, Italy, greener youth


Palermo, Italy
Project leader


Łódź, Poland
Project partner

Cinergies, partner, Ateny, Grecja, greener youth


Athens, Greece
Project partner

Youth Mundus - partner, Barcelona, Hiszpania, greener youth

Youth Mundus 

Barcelona, Spain
Project partner

Youth Progress s.z - partner - Praga, Czech Republic, greener youth

Youth Progress

Prague, Czech Republic
Project partner

MTÜ Euroopas - partner - Tallin, Estonia, greener youth

MTÜ Euroopas

Tallin, Estonia
Project partner

Enterprising Partners - partner - Wilno, Litwa, greener youth

Enterprising Partners

Vilnius, Lithuania
Project partner

The project is funded by the European Commission under the Erasmus+ programme.