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Don’t get old too fast

Project “Don’t get old too fast” is aimed at people 60+ living in the Lodzkie province.


  • fight against digital exclusion of seniors

  • social reactivation after the pandemic

  • promotion of intergenerational activities

  • promotion and encouragement of seniors to take on other activities than those usually identified with the elderly people- e.g. watching television or solving crosswords.

As shown by numerous studies, the human nervous system needs stimulation with various stimuli throughout our entire lives. This means that we should constantly learn new things, contact other people and stay active in order to maintain good mental and physical condition as long as possible. 

Through our project, we want to reverse the negative trend caused by the pandemic and encourage seniors to leave home and open up to new experiences.

In order to counteract the exclusion of the elderly in the project “Don’t get old too fast” intergenerational activities have been prepared, thanks to which it will be possible to integrate the young and the older generation.

“Chasing technology – seriously”–  two workshops on basic learning to use digital tools – phone, tablet. The workshops are aimed mainly at people who have never had contact with new technology or want to learn new information regarding the basic use of given tools.

“Chasing technology – for fun”– two workshops on learning to use digital tools, during which project participants will have the opportunity to benefit from the help of young people who will teach them how to use interesting applications on phones or tablets. How to create photos, collages, filters, short videos, record voice or screen, how to create visualizations, add audio, make a gif or QR code, etc.

“Do it yourself”– two workshops on DIY cosmetics from natural ingredients that can be found in your own kitchen. Participants will have the opportunity to learn from scratch how to make natural cosmetics by themselves, e.g. creams, tonics, conditioners, masks, lipsticks, make-up cosmetics. They will also have the opportunity to learn how to properly care for their mature skin because we will invite a professional cosmetologist to the workshop, who will also advise seniors on how to care for their skin, without spending a lot of money on cosmetics.

“Doll yourself up”– two make-up workshops for mature adults; Classes conducted with the support of a professional make-up artist who will show how to emphasize mature beauty, while concealing the signs of the passing time. In the first part of the workshop, participants will gain theoretical knowledge, then they will have the opportunity to make up each other under the supervision of a make-up artist.

“Become a photographer”– two workshops on photography; Project participants will have the opportunity to learn how to use professional cameras – while learning, they will be doing professional photo sessions for each other. From photos created by young people and the elderly, an intergenerational album will be created and it will be available online.

“Edit your photos”– 2 workshops on photo editing and natural photo beautification. We will show seniors free tools that they can use to edit photos. We will focus on tools in Polish to make it easier for seniors to use them. We will show how to make collages, frames, change colors, apply filters, and crop photos.

“Become a graphic designer”– two workshops conducted by young people showing a tool for creating simple graphics, animations, posters, invitations, presentations. During the workshop, seniors with us will prepare invitations and posters for the event “Senior on the catwalk”.

“Senior on the catwalk”– a fashion show in which seniors will be models. In the second part of the show, they will present the designs of the young designer. The whole event will be commemorated by the photographer and seniors who participated in the photography workshops.

Project financed with funds from the European Youth Portal.