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Project duration

01/03/2023 – 31/08/2024

Discover it yourself

Discover it yourself project aims to introduce participants to the culture and history of Europe and the opportunities offered by European programmes. The youth will travel to jointly designated points. During the trip, young people will carry out interesting social initiatives undertaken in different countries. Such journey will bring young people greater openness to society and initiatives undertaken there. The project focuses on learning through experience gained while traveling. The entire trip will be based on Eco Travel using mainly intercity trains and public transport. The project consists of four phases: planning, preparation, implementation and follow-up. Participants learn to manage time, budget and tasks they have to perform together.

Project goals:

  • Getting to know Europe and the opportunities offered by various European programs
  • Learning by experiencing
  • Encouraging young people to learn languages and maintain intercultural contacts with other citizens of Europe and the world
  • Getting to know the history of Europe and the political context
  • Learning to take responsibility for the action you take
  • Supporting those who, due to social, economic and geographical barriers, cannot get to know Europe and participate in the programmes
  • Including people who would not volunteer to participate in DiscoverEu on their own
  • Exchanging experience between participants and people met along the way
  • Strengthening the position of young people on the professional and social market

Actions that will be taken in the project:

  • Organizing tourist and educational trips to one of 8 destinations
    • Paris, Copenhagen, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Zagreb, Venice, Helsinki, Milan
  • Creating of 8 groups of 6 people each of 18 years old. Collaborating in creating a travel plan.
  • Getting to know local social activities
  • Carrying out research and educational relations
  • Exchanging experiences with young people from other countries
  • Organising of the group and tasks
  • Exploring knowledge about European countries and their history by visiting places of culture
  • Discovering the possibilities of Eco traveling as well as to use interesting solutions while traveling
  • Promoting the program, as well as showing young people where to look for information about opportunities

What we do during the project:

  • Encouraging young people to travel actively
  • Meeting many interesting people from other countries
  • Managing social media channels and promoting European initiatives
  • Engaging in local social activities in the visited countries
  • Teaching through experience how to manage budget, time and tasks
  • Learning what European integration is and how the EU wants to build relationships between young people
  • Promoting the Discover EU program among young people

The project is financed by the European Commission under the the Erasmus+ programme.