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Become young entrepreneur

Become young entrepreneur is a project targeted at youth entering the job market, which is currently changing rapidly. Desired competencies, required qualifications, changes in work routines, or culture shifts in organisations are all factors that create 21st-century work. The project’s primary goal is to help young people from 6 countries learn about and discover the world of entrepreneurial life, which may seem out of reach for young people these days. 

The project will take place in Lutomiersk, Poland. Each group from a particular country is involved in creating workshops on topics such as marketing, communication and leadership, economic or human resources. 

Project reference number:


Project duration:

2023.03.01 – 2024.11.30

Actions that will be taken in the project:

  • Preparatory visit 
  • Workshops on marketing, communication, leadership, economic resources, human resources.
  • SWOT analysis – analyse your business
  • A visit to a local startup
  • A visit to a business incubator
  • Workshops on modern business requirements


    During the project, we will:

    • Show young people that entrepreneurial life does not have to be only a dream
    • Share good working practices that are present in each partner country 
    • Raise awareness of the risks an entrepreneur may face
    • Promote EU values
    • Share the professional experiences we have
    • Create a safe space to talk about the challenges we face in the job market
    • Build relationships based on mutual help and support

    The following are involved in the project:

    logo Stowarzyszenia LEVEL UP

    Asociacion LEVEL UP

    Project leader

    Lodz, Poland

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    Active Green Solution

    Project partner

    Serres, Greece

    logo lidera projektu

    Uluslararası Bambu Eğitim Derneği

    Project partner

    Istanbul, Turkiye

    Logo partnera projektu

    “Extramus” Experience Travel Erasmus APS

    Project partner

    Terranova da Sibari, Italy

    logo partnera projektu

    Tudatos Tervezésért Egyesület

    Project partner

    Budapest, Hungary

    logo lidera projektu

    Associacio Cultura Creativa

    Project partner

    Gandia, Spain

    Logo Europejskiego Korpusu Solidarności

    Source of funding: The project is funded by the European Union under the Erasmus+ program.