Ancient Olympic spirit illuminates young people

49 participants, including 6 from Poland will take part in the project. It is a training trip during which the participants will raise their awareness concerning leading a healthy lifestyle through a fair play competition in a modernised version of the ancient Olympic Games. The project was created and implemented due to the observation of the society’s need for minimizing a risk of diseases and ill-health, as well as reducing bad habits and psychosocial stress and introducing sports into a daily routine. Participants will acquire skills later enabling them to be active in their local communities. The whole event will take place in Olympia, Greece.

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The project will include an international exchange during which the following activities will take place:

  • awareness-raising workshop on the topic of a healthy lifestyle
  • an intercultural evening meeting during which the participants will get to know the customs and diverse cultural elements of their countries
  • sports activities
  • team-building workshop
  • workshop increasing knowledge of the Erasmus+ programme and the Youthpass tool


What we do during the project:

  • Encourage young people and youth workers to practise sport in support of a healthy lifestyle.
  • Shape a healthy lifestyle of young people through an Olympic spirit.
  • Boost young people’s motivation and enhance their competencies in the matters of tackling climate change through presenting appropriate behaviour and pro-ecological activities.

The following organisations are involved in the project:

Stowarzyszenie LEVEL UP


Łódź, Polska

Sports and Cultural Lab 



Paradigma Spor Klubü Derneği



Asociatia Active Yourope



Tudatos Tervezésért Egyesület



Youth for Youth



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The project is funded by the European Commission under the Erasmus+ programme