Active in sports, active in life

The project aims to activate children and youth in terms of sports and social relationships as well as to help them build patterns of behavior that will affect their lives, peer groups, and local communities. By means of showing the benefits of an active and consequently healthy lifestyle, we can overcome threats posed to the local community by youth exclusion and lack of solidarity. Sports will act as a gate to build patterns of behavior; a platform to create social relationships and an impulse to experience exciting moments together.

Reference number


Duration of the project

1.04.2021 – 30.04.2022

The project will involve the following activities

Sports games –  an initiative that aims to motivate children, youth, and their parents to lead an active lifestyle. The form of activities is meant to deliver psychophysical development and build positive patterns of behavior. 

Fair play workshops – an initiative that aims to build positive patterns of behavior and make the participants aware of the importance of living their lives based on the idea of fair play. The activities will take the form of workshops during which the participants will collectively carry out various tasks meant to familiarize them with these values.

Healthy eating workshops – an initiative organized to raise awareness about how food impacts our lives. The workshops are meant to promote the profile of a conscious consumer who cares about what and how much she or he eats and is aware of the threats to civilization. 

Workshops: art in sports and healthy life – the workshops aim to build healthy habits as well as promote a healthy and active lifestyle with materials created by the participants. During the workshops, the participants will prepare informational and promotional materials concerning the topic they have chosen on their own, which will help us reach out to their peers.

Healthy quiz online – our team wants to find skeptical, reserved people at risk of social exclusion who interact with society only through the internet. We hope that by reaching out to such individuals, we will get to the toughest group and promote and raise awareness about our project goals.

Sports tournament – “For yourself, for others, for health” – we will create three-member teams that will compete in a couple of sports disciplines. We consider engaging the participants of the online quiz so that they can try out social interactions in the real world. 

Maths in sports, maths in food – in this initiative, we want the participants and our team to create posters and infographics about physical activity and healthy eating as well as the influence of these factors on the human body.

Urban game – an initiative that will help recap our actions. The participants will have to show they know fair play rules, demonstrate their sports skills and knowledge of a healthy lifestyle.

Project implemented from European Union funds under the Erasmus+ programme.