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1.10.2023- 31.05.2024

Action Gamification!

Gamification is gaining popularity in education and public services in Western Europe. Finnish city authorities, for instance, use board games to increase civic participation and effectively plan public policies.


We invite students to a quick course of gamification in the academic year of 2023/2024! During eight workshop sessions, we will show you how you can use board and scenario games in political analysis and the development of career paths. You will be able to develop cooperation, negotiation or efficient time and resource management skills. Apart from that, it is an ideal occasion for board games fans to better understand the theory of mechanisms of board games.  

See you at the workshops! If you want to learn more, follow our Facebook page.

Contact with the coordinator:  

The project is realised by the Interdisciplinary Academic Circle Think Politically

Jakub Chustecki

Phone number: 797-443-235

e-mail: myslpolitycznie@uw.edu.pl

Myśl Politycznie

Activities to be undertaken in the project:

As a part of the project, there will be a series of eight workshop gamification sessions for students from Warsaw and its vicinity. During the workshop sessions, participants will:
  • Get acquainted with the basics of the games theory and the rational choice theory  
  • Get to know the advantages of cooperation and civic participation  
  • Develop their creativity and entrepreneurship thanks to the practice of gamification
  • Play games enabling them to improve their competencies in management, cooperation, sustainable management of resources, and climate protection  
  • Play scenario games, developing their cooperation, negotiation, deduction and stress management skills.
  At the end of the series of workshop sessions, there will be a conference during which a big, open debate on the contents and form of knowledge presented during workshop sessions will be discussed.

What we do during the project:

  • Enhance soft competencies, for instance creative problem-solving skills, decision-making dilemmas and logical thinking
  • Practice political analysis and forecasts  
  • Improve teamwork, communication, performing roles and group management  
  • Expand knowledge of political processes and their management and operation of political and economic systems
  • Develop awareness of social engineering, negotiation and deduction skills  
  • Promote innovative methods of training among local teaching staff during the conference
  • Engage more than 200 young people wanting to broaden their horizons and develop soft skills
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The project is realized by the European Solidarity Corps from the European Union funds.
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