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Act on Climate Change

The goal of this project is to increase the quality of youth work dedicated to climate change through providing education in this aspect, art, and alternative methods of non-formal education, such as game-based learning, storytelling and theater, which attract the attention of young people.  From each partnering country there will be selected an animal, or a plant affected by climate change, and these characters will be used in theater performances, games and activities linked with storytelling.

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Project duration:

01-12-2023 – 31-07-2024

Actions that will be taken in the project:

  • Practical outdoor activities, which will allow participants to have first-hand experience of climate change. This may include wildlife observation, field research and analysis of local ecosystems.
  • Educational games, simulations, and interactive scenarios in order to convey knowledge about climate change in a way that is accessible and engaging for youth.
  • Creative drama and storytelling workshops. Through theater and storytelling, participants will have the opportunity to express their emotions and thoughts about climate change as well as develop communication skills and empathy.
  • Workshops, lectures, and discussions that will provide participants with up-to-date knowledge about the causes and effects of climate change along with ways to counteract them.


During the project, we will:

  • Increase awareness of climate change.  Educate participants about current issues related to climate change in order to motivate them to take action in initiatives related to environmental protection.
  • Acquire new skills in the field of art and alternative methods of education. Participants gain skills related to creating and conducting interactive educational activities which allow them to transfer their knowledge to others more effectively.
  • Learn, for example, how to manage a project. The project provides the opportunity to learn project management in practice, which is an important element of the professional development of participants.
  • Create social campaigns. We use the acquired knowledge and skills to create social campaigns aimed at increasing public awareness of climate change and promoting pro-ecological activities.

The following are involved in the project:

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Project leader

Antalya, Türkiye

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LEVEL UP Association

Project partner


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Back to the Roots

Project partner


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Centru pentru Dezvoltare Durabila Greentin

Project partner


Environmental Education Center of Ierapetra

Environmental Education Center of Ierapetra

Project partner

Neapolis, Greece

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Noi Ortadini APS

Project partner


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Stichting Liberta Care

Project partner


VsI "uMunthu"

Project partner


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Project fully financed by the European Union under the Erasmus+ program.

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