Wspomnienia mobilności - Szkolenie w Madan

The memories of this youth training will stay with me for a long time.

I didn’t expect to meet so many inspiring people from 11 countries. As soon as we arrived, the residents of Madan warmly welcomed us with traditional dishes, music, and dancing. The organizers and the local community showed great commitment to give us the best experience throughout the project. In addition to daily activities with trainers, we were taken on excursions to get to know Bulgaria and its residents better. I encourage you to participate in non-formal education mobilities, because it allows you to learn about creative forms of knowledge assimilation and the perspective of people from other countries, which broadens your horizons and is extremely inspiring.

Kinga, 19 years old, training in Madan as a part of the A NEW GENERATION OF YOUTH LEADERS project

Szkolenie w Madan

The 10-day project in Bulgaria allowed me to develop soft skills in communication, self-presentation and leadership.

Communication in English was of a great importance for me. I think this is a significant factor which opens up a lot of opportunities in relations with people around the world, as well as in implementation of international projects.

During the project I met many people form different cultures and residents of Madan.  Their openness was a valuable experience. 

I’m impressed by LEVEL UP’s great organization, support and thoughtfulness. The accommodation and food were also very good.

Joanna, 27 years old, training in Madan as a part of the A NEW GENERATION OF YOUTH LEADERS

Szkolenie w Madan

The town of Madan in Bulgaria – there was my first, unforgettable and certainly not the last Erasmus project. 

It was a 10-day project that involved people from 12 countries and there were  40 participants. At the workshop we focused on learning and developing skills that are desirable for being a good leader. In addition to the workshops, we spent time together during meals, walks, parties and other activites. The organizers tried very hard and gave us a lot of attention. As far as organizational matters are concerned, some of us had organized transportation to the place, some of us arrived on our own, but everything was well coordinated and everyone arrived and returned safely. The food was very tasty, mostly local and the servings were generous so we weren’t hungry. As for the accommodation, the conditions were good, only the internet connection was a bit weak, however, the organizers took action to fix it.
We had an organized trip to Plovdiv – the second oldest city in Europe.
In Madan we visited two museums of minerals mined there.
The city itself is cozy and charming. The people who live there mostly know each other at least by sight, which means they trust each other, so the atmosphere there is calm and friendly.
Personally I can say that this project has opened my eyes to opportunities and young, committed people who want to take action. I got the most out of getting to know them and the conversations we were able to have, with the opportunity to learn about a new culture and have a good time. I can in all good conscience recommend this type of project and sincerely encourage you to take part in it. You can get to know a part of the world and interesting people from different cultures, which is very eye-opening and heart-opening for cultural differences, also for the other person, and often you can also discover similarities that you would not expect (for example in language.) Let’s make the most out of the opportunities given to us. 🙂

I encourage you to take part in non-formal education mobilities because it is an amazing opportunity to: get to know yourself when confronted with different people often from different cultures, improve your foreign language skills, gain competence in a particular field, learn about project opportunities and travel.

Faustyna, 20 years old, training as a part of the A NEW GENERATION OF YOUTH LEADERS.

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