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The primary goal of our project is to combat discrimination and fight against racism, xenophobia, and religious discrimination. Specifically, we aim to raise awareness about the injustices faced by minorities in Łódź and its surroundings, as well as shed light on the legal situation of minorities in Poland. By disseminating information and fostering dialogue, our project seeks to educate the community about the challenges faced by minorities and promote equal treatment and opportunities for all. 

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Duration of project

2024.04.01 – 2024.11.30

Actions to be taken in the project:

  • Conducting participatory lectures to highlight different forms of discrimination.
  • Organizing workshops, and discussions to engage the community in dialogue that will introduce relevant legislation passed in Poland, as well as the Convention on Human Rights and their relevance to the legal situation of minorities in Poland.
  • Additionally, there will be participatory lectures that will include a review of several case studies spanning approximately 20 years, discussing what has been improved and what could be further improved.
  • The participatory lectures will focus on the legal situation of minorities in Poland.
  • Disseminating information through various media channels and community outreach.
  • Providing educational resources about the legal rights and challenges faced by minorities.

    What we are doing during the project:

      • The anticipated outcomes of our project include a heightened awareness and understanding of subtle forms of discrimination.
      • A reduction in stereotypes and prejudices through education and dialogue.
      • Increased knowledge within the community about the legal rights and challenges faced by minorities, and the promotion of inclusivity, empathy, and respect among community members.
      • Ultimately, our project strives to create a more accepting and harmonious society where everyone, regardless of their background, feels valued and respected.


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    Source of funding: European Solidarity Corps project with funding from the European Union.