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Stress? No, thanks. Youth workers in balance, ready for youth challenges

With a project “Stress? No, thanks. Youth workers in balance, ready for youth challenges”, we aim to improve youth participation, focusing on improving mental health and skills of youth workers in different areas of Europe after the deterioration caused by COVID-19. The healthier we are and the more we know ourselves, the better we understand and support young people.

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Project duration

01.06.2023 – 29.02.2024

Activities to be carried out in the project:

  • Research: Prepare information from its databases, statistics and recent research documents on the mental health and participation of young people and people who work with youth in each country before, during and after COVID-19.
  • Good practice: Selection of good mental/integrative health practice in historical/important situations that may have changed thoughts, emotions and ways of behaviour of residents (old and/or current events).
  • Online meeting with participants: We will explain all the documents prepared for the Logistics Plan, which participants will receive after the meeting and the first day of the T.C. We will talk about our organisation that is related to youth or people who work with youth.
  • Intercultural evening: Preparing of a typical song/dance/item/tasting from your country/region to be highlighted during T.C. Research on travel indications, activity schedule, safety, rules, free time… etc.
  • Follow-up: Practical online session with participants to review, practice and provide feedback on the tools learnt during the T.C. course.
  • Dissemination: An online activity where each partner will invite 1 local/regional partner and 1 national partner to review the project results and present Stress? No, thanks Seal (Decalogue).
  • An international training course for people who work with youth and educators will be held in Marbella, Spain.

What we do during the project:

  • Contact with nature and working outdoors will be a fundamental aspect of this course, which will use specific techniques such as Mindfulness, Yoga, the Amaranth Method, Biodanza, Theatre of the Oppressed, as well as methodologies based on non-formal learning.
  • We organise cultural and linguistic events aimed at promoting tolerance and improving English language competencies.

                       The following organisations are involved in the project:

The following organisations are involved in the project:

Logo Gantalcala

Gantalcalá Andalucía

Project Leader, Spain

logo Stowarzyszenia LEVEL UP

LEVEL UP Association

Project Partner, Poland

Logo Walk together

Walk together

Project Partner, Bulgaria

Logo Hope for Children

Hope For Children

Project Partner, Cyprus

Logo Sytev


Project Partner, Slovakia

Logo Backheros


Project Partner, Slovenia

Logo Seiklejate Vennaskond

Seiklejate Vennaskond

Project Partner, Estonia

Logo Alter Ego

Alter Ego

Project Partner, Greece



Project Partner, Italy

Logo EFE


Project Partner, Latvia

Logo Tavo Europe

Tavo Europe

Project Partner, Lithuania

Logo Se Poate

Se Poate

Project Partner, Romania

Logo Europejskiego Korpusu Solidarności

The project is implemented with European Union funds under the Erasmus+ program.