Project reference number:


Duration of the project:

2023-02-01 – 2023-12-31

Rap korona

The project involves choosing and preparing young vocal artists for musical careers through music, rhythmics, singing, and lyrics writing classes, performances, and an overview of talents, during which they will be judged by a professional jury. The project is realized by an informal group working in Kielce and its surroundings.

Actions that will be undertaken in the project:

  • Singing, rhythmics, lyrics writing classes, etc.
  • Personal brand-building classes 
  • Artistic performances
  • Actions integrating the initiative group
  • Vocal Overview
  • Teambuilding workshops

What we do during the project:

    • We increase the musical competence of young vocal artists
    • We increase their possibilities of creating their image
    • We increase the hip-hop culture development in Kielce
    • We give the possibility of public performances
    • We give the possibility of getting to know professional artists
    • We promote the values of the European Solidarity Corps 


    Partnerem wspierającym projekt jest Twoja Ścieżka Życia Association

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    The project is realized by the European Solidarity Corps from European Union funds.