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Perspective matters

“Perspective matters – Creating valuable graphics” is a project aimed at increasing competence in the field of creating graphics, among people interested in creating them, that are perceived by the appropriate target group. The project aims to increase the visibility of discriminated groups by creating more inclusive graphics published, among others, on social media, and on the Internet.

Project duration

11/12/2022 – 30/06/2023

Actions that will be undertaken in the project:

As a part of the project, there will be 3 meetings, including 1 graphic workshop, which will improve the participants’ skills not only in the field of creating visual materials but also in understanding the perspective and needs of discriminated groups and sensitizing to them. Participants will also partially come from disadvantaged groups and it will be a great opportunity for them to develop. The results of the participants’ work will be published on the web, which will also improve the visibility of discriminated groups.

1st meeting: consultations with representatives of discriminated target groups – for 15 people – length of the workshop approx. 2 hours
2nd meeting – workshops with a graphic designer – for 15 people, length approx. 6 hours
3rd meeting – presentation of work results as well as feedback and evaluation by representatives of discriminated groups – for 15 people, approx. 2 hours

What we do during the project:

– we increase knowledge and attentiveness when creating graphics dedicated to specific target groups
– we raise competencies in the field of creating graphics among LEVEL UP members and people interested in this area of development
– we increase our attention to groups that are discriminated and with fewer opportunities
– we create a space for dialogue and getting to know the needs of discriminated groups through creative graphic workshops
– we give opportunities to people with fewer chances to acquire graphic design skills
– we spread the idea of acceptance and equality.

The following are involved in the project:


- LEVEL UP Association



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British Council Foundation

Organizer of the “Stronger Together” Initiative

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The project was financed by the British Council Foundation