Światła, Kamera, Akcja!

Project duration

11/12/2022 – 30/06/2023

Lights, camera, action!

This project was prepared in a collaboration between LEVEL UP and British Council as part of the “Stronger Together for Social Cohesion” project, which aims to create favourable environment to build trust and cooperate on matters that affect our lives. The main purpose of the project is to bring together in cooperation young people from two different backgrounds: those from a socio-therapeutic daycare centre and those representing LEVEL UP. Professionals in video recording and editing will conduct a two-day workshop. Participants will enhance their skills in camera operation and video editing, which may be a factor that facilitates finding a job in the future, as well as evoke their creativity. 15 people will take part in the two-day workshop. 

Activities to be undertaken in the project:

As part of the project we realise the two-day workshop on video filming and editing.

The first day is devoted to video production and the second day to film post-production. The workshop will take place in a socio-therapeutic daycare centre and will last 4 hours a day. Young people will learn to record videos on the first day. 


During this day they will learn:

– types of film frames and correct positioning of a camera

– how to monitor the recorded video shot

– how to work with light

– various cinematographic techniques

– how to record high-quality sound


The second day is devoted to video post-production, i.e. editing the material produced

the day before. Participants will learn modern film editing and cinematic colour grading. During the second day they will learn:

– video project file management

– film editing in a tool of choice (e.g. daVinci Resolve/Avid Media

Composer/Adobe Premiere or other)

– colour correction

– superimposing sound on image

– colour grading

What we do during the project:

    • include a group of young people from a socio-therapeutic daycare centre to the project 
    • – enhance participants’ skills in camera operation and

    film editing, which may facilitate finding a job in the future

    •  provide opportunities for cooperation between the youth from two different backgrounds – cooperation  of young people with fewer opportunities from a socio-therapeutic day care centre with young people representing the LEVEL UP Association, who come from smaller villages
    • create a favourable environment enabling the youth to meet fantastic people and establish relationships
    • develop soft skills of the participants: group work, speaking freely in front of an audience (increased self-confidence), establishing dialogue and cooperation over differences, building trust and working together on issues that unite the 2 groups
    • develop hard skills: video production (recording professional
    • videos) and post-production (editing and cinematographic colour processing)

    Do projektu zaangażowani są:

    Logo LEVEL UP

    Stowarzyszenie LEVEL UP


    Logo Fundacja British Council

    British Council Foundation

    Organizer of the “Stronger together” initiative  

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    The project was financed by the British Council Foundation.