Intergenerational discussion group

The initiative of the Intergenerational discussion group will cover a cycle of nine group meetings in Warszawskie Centrum Aktywności Międzypokoleniowej Nowolipie. We invite different age groups, in particular the youth (18-30 y/o) and elderly people (over 60 y/o), to discuss various social issues. The discussions will be moderated by an experienced facilitator – Aleksandra Pszczólińska. The dialogue will be conducted, among others, in the perspective broadening method – Points of You.

Numer referencyjny

Duration of the project:

from 11.12.2022 to 30.06.2023

Activities to be undertaken in the project:

  • 9 group meetings in Centrum Aktywności Międzypokoleniowej Nowolipie in Warsaw, each of them will last approximately 2 hours


What we do during the project:

  • We enable the intergenerational integration between the youth and the elderly 
  • We create a safe space for representatives of different generations for the exchange of views on various social issues
  • We enable participants to break down intergenerational barriers and broaden their own perspective in a safe atmosphere, under the guidance of a specialist
  • We increase mutual understanding of attitudes, behaviours and values
  • We limit the stereotyping
  • We enable getting close to the consensus on the matters dividing the society

The following organizations are involved in the project:

LEVEL UP Association

Fundación British Council
el organizador de la iniciativa “Stronger together”

Centrum Aktywności Międzypokoleniowej Nowolipie in Warsaw

supporting partner

Source of funding: The project was co-financed by the British Council Foundation