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Intercultural Dialog

The Intercultural Dialog project intends to gather young people from different backgrounds to better understand the role of culture in their lives. Participants will have a chance to get to know their cultures, especially the German one – both at classes on the project site and through organised trips to nearby cities. The exchange will also address social issues that have been receiving attention in Europe recently. The participants will have an opportunity to share their perspectives and opinions on the current situation of their country or Europe.

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Duration time:

25.09.2022 – 24.03.2024

Activities to be undertaken in the project:

  • Organisation of a youth exchange for 20 participants and 5 leaders from 5 countries
  • Participation in debates on cultural diversity and current social issues
  • Educational trips to nearby cities
  • Post-exchange dissemination meetings organised by the project’s participants to share gained knowledge with their local community


During the project we:

  • Learn about the cultures of the other participating countries through discussion during classes and a variety of activities
  • Learn more about our own culture
  • We raise awareness of diversity and the impact of culture on people’s lives
  • Expand our knowledge on the current social issues in various European countries

The following organizations are involved in the project:

DELPHIN Nachhilfe und Sprachkurse e.V.

Project Leader



Project Partner


Desert Bloom for Training and Sustainable Development

Project Partner


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Have A Dream

Project Partner




Project Partner


The project is funded and implemented by the European Union under the Erasmus+ programme. Funded by the European Union.