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In Sight – Out of Mind

Nowadays, people living in highly developed societies deal with many mental health problems. At different stages of life, people are affected by stress. However, in some cases, this may be transformed into more intense emotions, such as anger, causing damage to relationships with loved ones and fuelling a spiral of stress in their lives.  

The youth exchange will be organised in Ørland, Norway, between 11-18 December 2023.

During the exchange, participants will focus on getting to know themselves and their emotions better, focusing on learning how to cope with stress and anger. 

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Duration time:

25.09.2022 – 24.03.2024

Activities to be undertaken in the project:

  • youth exchange, during which participants will gain knowledge about emotions and how to handle them 
  • Dissemination activities after each training aimed at transferring knowledge to those in the local environment of the partner organisations and the leader organisation.




During the project we:


  • we meet participants from other countries and get to know their cultures
  • we take part in team-building sessions and intercultural evenings
  • we learn more about emotions and how to deal with stress
  • we take part in different workshops and simulations

The following organizations are involved in the project:

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TtB Association together stronge

Project leader


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Project partner


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Millennium Peacemakers

Project partner




Project partner


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Tuna Genç Vizyon Derneği

Project partner


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Vándor Fiatalok Egyesülete

Project partner


The project is funded and implemented by the European Union under the Erasmus+ programme. Funded by the European Union.