The “Human Rights Education Through Sports” youth exchange aims to allow participants to explore through various methods and tools how sports can be used to educate about human rights.

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The activities we implement

  • To familiarize participants with the idea of “Human Right Education” to enable them to work more effectively to create a just and inclusive Europe and peace. 
  •  Increase opportunities to use sports as a tool for human rights education 
  •  Promote knowledge of human rights and highlight the key role of NGOs in the process
  • Increase the employability of exchange participants and improve the quality of their activities 
  • Development of soft skills of participants

What we do during the project:

  •  We get to know the representatives of cultures we have never met before
  • We exchange observations and good practices used in each country
  • We are expanding our knowledge of human rights 
  • We learn how sports can help us learn about human rights
  • We learn to use sports as a tool to spread knowledge
  • We create games, activities and exercises to help spread the concept of human rights through sports

The project involves

Association LEVEL UP


Lodz, Poland

Budapest Association for International Sports

Leader of the project


Genclikte Spor Sanat ve Egitim Dernegi

Partner of the project


Asociación Entrejuegos

       Partner of the project



      Partner of the project


 East West East Germany e. V.

          Partner of the project


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The project is funded by the European Commission under the Erasmus plus program.