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The project’s primary goal is to enhance the development of youth workers who support young people from underprivileged groups. Participants will acquire sufficient knowledge and methodology for working with youth at risk of social marginalization. Moreover, the project aims to raise awareness of the problems of disadvantaged youth and to inspire others to take action towards creating a more inclusive society.

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Duration of the project: 

23.10.23 – 30.01.24

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The project will involve the following activities:

An international training for youth workers who support adolescents from underprivileged groups or at risk of social marginalization is the most significant part of the project.

All activities will be conducted using informal teaching methods, including:

  • presentations,
  • workshops,
  • and group discussions.

What we do during the project:

    • We enhance knowledge of the specifics of engaging with youth who are vulnerable to social exclusion
    • We gain insights into effectively reaching out to young people facing social exclusion and engaging them in various youth activities
    • We acquire specific tools and methodologies that allow inclusion of disadvantaged youth 
    • We develop a positive mindset towards initiatives involving disadvantaged young people
    • We exchange experiences and useful methods of working with various disadvantaged groups.

        The project involves:

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        Source of funding: The project is financed by the European Commission under the Erasmus+ program.

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