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The aim of LEVEL UP is to constantly improve the team’s knowledge, so that they can implement modern and innovative projects (exchanges, workshops, trainings) that will meet the requirements and expectations of a changing society and will create its future needs. 

We create values for our stakeholders through the optimal use of the existing potential and the implementation of development projects.


We want to improve the quality of life of the local community, build a new model of informal education, and thus develop the socio-professional competences of children and youth, contributing to the creation of an innovative society of the future.



We want to be pioneers in the field of non-formal education and through cooperation with schools and other institutions to spread the idea of living in harmony with nature and with ourselves, promoting equality in society and cooperation without borders.

LEVEL UP creates a culture of innovation, creativity and development, where everyone has clearly defined goals and can implement their own ideas and ideas.


The key resource of LEVEL UP are people in whose development we constantly invest our knowledge and time. 

The basic values that we consistently follow are:

  • Innovation, creativity, and curiosity
  • Knowledge and practical experience as well as continuous development
  • Effectiveness (openness to innovation, searching for unusual solutions, local and international cooperation)
  • Sustainable development, equality
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