“Defeat fake news, free the media” is a response to the current problems of contemporary youth in Poland. The main goal of this project is to promote basic human rights, with an emphasis on freedom slogans and learning to critically analyze media messages. The aim of the project is to spread the idea of ​​democracy, freedom and equality. The goal will be achieved through the implementation of issues devoted to media education and film meetings presenting various faces of freedom combined with meetings with social activists. Project participants will gain basic knowledge about media education, learn how to recognize fake news, propaganda or media manipulation, learn about various forms of online disinformation and how to recognize it, and learn to critically analyze media content.

The project is dedicated to students of secondary schools in the Łódź voivodeship

Project duration:



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Activities carried out in the project:

Freedom in films – 10 film meetings that will touch upon various aspects of freedom:wolność wyboru – kwestia aborcji

  • freedom of choice – the question of abortion

  • freedom of choice – the issue of euthanasia

  • freedom of choice – in the context of climate extermination (what position do I want to take)

  • freedom of choice – in the context of drugs

  • sexual freedom – LGBT issue

  • sexual freedom – sex working, sale of photos for only fans

  • women’s freedom – the treatment of women in Islamic countries

  • freedom of media communication (Wolne Media)

  • animal freedom – the issue of animal rights in Poland

  • freedom of speech – addressing the issue of hate on the Internet

Film meetings will be combined with meetings with activists who will discuss the particular topics with the participants after the screening. It is the activists who will choose the films that will be watched by the participants of the meetings.

20 qualified participants take part in all film meetings.

 Workshops on media education – “Let’s talk about the media”

As part of this cycle, we will conduct the following workshops:

    •  A few words about media education

    • Fake news – fact-checking

    • Propaganda

    • How to critically analyze the media message?

    • Network disinformation

    • We live in a bubble

Workshops will be conducted in partner schools

Projects funded by the European Solidarity Corps.