Yana Ivashchenko
Email office@levelupngo.com
Language English, Russian
Specialty Organizing educational events, Trnaslations
Gender Female

Yana Ivashchenko

a member of Event Team

LEVEL UP came into my life at a very auspicious time. I was just ready to dive into a new experience and now happy to admit that my resources were put in the right direction.
At the moment, I have been in the organization for 4 months and I can say that a lot has changed. I had the opportunity to simultaneously monitor two growth scales at once: my personal growth and Level Up growth. People do build organizations with bricks. With each introduction of changes, the work of all sectors improves significantly.
I would be incredibly happy to spend as much time as possible with Level Up. The attitude of people here is on a whole different level. I am pleased to be part of our team. And I feel the potential will lead this organization to great things in the futur