Aleksandra Woszczyk
Language Polish, English, Spanish
Specialty Organizing educational events, Conducting trainings and workshops, Local project management, Local and cross-border cooperation
Gender Female

Aleksandra Woszczyk

Projects Team member

I have been socially involved since I was a child, I am an eternal volunteer and I take part in many festivals. I like challenges, which is why I have already tried my hand as a journalist, pilot of foreign groups, store manager, teacher, project and workshop coordinator, and even on the radio and television.
At LEVEL UP, I found a place for myself where I can combine many of my interests and continue to develop, look for new challenges and do what excites and makes me happy.
There is no place for boredom in my life, I try new things all the time, but I also have some fixed points like traveling, boxing, everything that is Spanish or Latin and my dear friends.
My biggest dream is to start my own festival related to music and international culture. Getting to know people from all over the world is very eye and mind opening, I wish everyone could experience it :)