“What is essential is invisible to the eye

Czas trwania projektu: 1/04/2021 – 30/03/2022

The evidence of our society’s moral maturity is the way we treat the ones we deem the weakest, those who for some reason find themselves on the cusp of social life. Every society is made up of incredibly diverse people. Each one of us has different features, different talents, skills and also different limits. What’s important is that some of our traits may not be visible to other people. A lot of the time, the best of a person cannot be discovered without closer contact with another person, without giving ourselves a chance to meet and understand them.

Many disabled people are too often judged simply on the basis of their daily struggles. A certain disability, that can manifest itself in the form of movement disorders, intellectual deficits or limitations in the functioning of different senses determines the way we’re seen by the rest of society. We find this behavior very improper and harmful to both groups. For disabled people, it’s a form of discrimination, that stops them from full development and their participation in social matters of their country. However this situation is also harmful for abled people, who by participating in these actions stop themselves from getting to know other people, forming valuable bonds. 

The following activities will be implemented under the project:

Workshops on the topic of basic sign language and meeting with a sign language interpetor and a disabled person

Dinner in the dark merged with meeting a blind person

Movie seanse with audio description

Meeting the workers and workshops with their proteges

Workshops on drawing with your lips and meeting a disabled person

Meeting with the members of Amp Football Łódź and organising physical activities