Girls! Let’s play

On October 8-22, 2020, we are participating in #FootballPeople weeks under the FARE network and we are organizing a project called “Girls, let’s play”. In the framework of the project, there will be four workshops on the topic of assertiveness in sport. Two of them will take a stationary form and the other two will be held remotely. Each of the workshops will be attended by 10 people.
We encourage girls/women aged between 13 and 30, interested in sports, non-professional athletes or former female footballers to participate in the workshops. During the online workshops, the participants will be learning how to be assertive and use this quality to break false stereotypes about sportswomen. Due to the fact that football is considered “a sport for men”, many girls feel discouraged from taking it up because they’re afraid of gossiping, being talked about behind their backs, and stereotypes concerning masculinity. We will work on the perception of girls who do sports, especially those who play football. At each workshop, we will focus on the methods which can be used by girls to boost their self-esteem and overcome obstacles encountered in their surroundings: judgment, perception, stereotypes. 
The project is carried out with No to patrz! Foundation

The project is carried out as part of FARE #FootballPeople weeks