Be Active!

The project aims to educate and encourage young people to be physically and socially active (showing participants how important it is to get involved in decision-making processes at local and national level). Young people from Norway, Romania, Lithuania, Turkey, Slovakia and Poland will participate in the project, and the place where the project will take place is the city of Hamar in Norway. 30 young people will expand their current knowledge and gain new experiences in the areas of health, sport, social inclusion and a healthy lifestyle.

We will achieve the goals of the project by:

  • non-formal learning and fun;
  • activities related to social activation in the open air (surrounded by the Norwegian mountains!);
  • doing sports / physical activity every day;
  • at the end of each day, a group reflection will be organized to help participants learn and reflect on the educational process
  • conducting discussions, debates and conversations on various topics with project participants.

Duration of the exchange:
13.07. – 22.07.2022 r.

Source of funding:
The project is funded and implemented by the European Union under the Erasmus+ program..

Do projektu zaangażowani są:

Diyarbakır Çevre ve Kalkınma Derneği

Diyarbakır Çevre ve Kalkınma Derneği

Project leader

Ucarli Koyu, Turkey




What we do during the project:

  • we broaden and acquire new knowledge about health, sport, social activation and a generally healthy lifestyle;
  • we promote values such as tolerance, respect for cultural diversity, gender equality, mutual understanding, respect and solidarity;
  • we learn to work and cooperate in a group – to listen, express our opinion, engage, support each other;
  • we acquire new competencies;
  • we make international friendships and exchange insights and experiences on various topics with participants from other countries.
  • we give the opportunity to learn outside Poland and travel around Europe in order to strengthen social, linguistic and cognitive skills.
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