A travelling book

A Travelling Book Association (Stowarzyszenie Wędrującej Książki) is an initiative that was born in the heads of the Level UP Association members. The premise is to gather people who would exchange books/comic books, and at the same time to create a community of joint interests. The pandemics proved how fast we can get bored while our home library is emptied in no time. We want to initiate an unusual book exchange: instead of the title and author, the choice will be based on a few details (an inspiring quotation or book genre), which may make the experience be an adventure not only for the protagonist of the chosen book. We want to give books another life, spread the idea of reading and inspire each other.

The isolation made us distant from one another, we avoid crowds and spend a lot of time alone. Such an exchange can help us meet new interesting people, widen our perspectives and share an excellent book with others. We want every book to reach the biggest number of people possible, which will give us an opportunity for interesting discussions and opinion exchange. Books can be forwarded anonymously (i.e. it can be left in a set place), handed over during a walk with a dog or on the way to a greengrocer’s. It will be a chance to get to know your neighbour from the nearby block, to realize how much we have in common and that we can be together despite being separated by walls, masks and two metres of social distancing. Share your book and find one that interests you. Each person who joins the group needs to familiarize with the terms and conditions and abide by them.

Find our group on Facebook and join the action.