Weronika, 24 years old

I’ve been working with Level Up since July 2020; my task is to prepare translations from Polish to English and Spanish. For me, it’s an opportunity to gain valuable experience and improve my skills. Moreover, it’s satisfying to feel that my work may help other people. 

Aleksandra, 22 years old

I’ve been working with LEVEL UP since August 2020 and my task is to create blog entries. Collaboration with the organization provides me with experience and allows me to develop skills as a writer. It also gives me an opportunity to try myself in a profession that I’d like to perform in the future. 🙂 I’m truly grateful for such a chance!

Agnieszka, 26 years old

I’ve been working with Level UP since 14 July 2020. I’m responsible for translating the website of the Association from Polish to Russian. Based on a volunteer agreement, collaboration with Level UP is clear and pleasant. There are no ambiguities and all doubts are clarified in no time. We communicate only by emails, but I’m sure that if we were to meet in person and work from the office, it would be equally fruitful. I can definitely recommend collaboration with the Level UP Association. Our joint actions help create a better future, and most importantly, we’re doing this TOGETHER.

Hanna, 21 years old  

I’ve been working with Level UP since August 2020. I’m a would-be computer graphic designer and e-volunteering allowed me to test my own skills, not only in the field of graphics but also in interpersonal communication and cooperation. Collaboration on projects that help other people combined with self-development is the greatest motivation and prize for the work and time spent.

Barbara, 29 years old 

I’ve been working with LEVEL UP since August 2020. I’m involved in running coaching workshops on discovering your strong and weak sides and searching for solutions. I think that cooperation with Level UP is based on clear rules. It gave me an opportunity to test my tools and look at the work of a coach from a new perspective.

Justyna, 28 lat 

’ve been working with LEVEL UP since June 2020. My main task is to administer the website and add new content. Thanks to the cooperation, I got to know WordPress functions. The Association is developing dynamically, the projects are very interesting and diverse. Moreover, I support the organization in developing the e-volunteering program and creating initiatives for the youth.